Honeymoon Photo at Koh Poda

Honeymoon Photo at Koh Poda: On 2 Dec 2019, I and my team travelled down to Railay Beach again to meet and take honeymoon photography for a couple from Brazil who stayed at Rayavadee Hotel in Krabi. At 6 o’clock morning Railay Beach is surprisingly beautiful because it looks quiet because there are not many tourists this morning.

My team and I walked to the hotel spa room because I make an appointment with them and the bride started dressing at 7 o’clock in the morning. We started taking photos during the bride getting ready and dressing, After that we moved to Pra Nang beach at Grotto to take pictures there giving wedding rings exchanging vows and cutting cakes with the limestone hills of Railay as the background.

wedding rings exchanging vows

Travel to Koh Porda for Honeymoon photo

Honeymoon Photo at Koh Poda: After that, we all went down to photograph around Poda Island, Chicken Island, and Talay Weak by long-tail boat. Which is a boat that is unique to Krabi,

Poda Island (Koh Poda or Ko Poda), part of a tiny archipelago in Krabi province off the west coast of Thailand, ranks among the most picturesque of the many uninhabited and semi-inhabited islands that line the coast

We look forward to taking pictures continuously. Sometimes, walk on the beach of the sea and take a picture with many beautiful fishes around the Krabi sea.

3 Hours Shooting around Koh Porda

We spent about 3 hours for couple wedding photo in the Krabi sea and then returned to the Rayavadee hotel again at noon. During noon, heavy rainfall occurred in this area. We are all happy because it the rain during the time that we finished shooting and luckily Bruno the groom decided to postpone the shooting from the evening session to the morning session instead preventing us from being exposed to rain while shooting