Brittany and Ben wedding in Phuket

Wedding in Phuket: Brittany Tait & Ben have there plans to travel far away from another side of the world to getting marry in Thailand in August of 2019 for there dream destination Getting married in Thailand,Thailand is one of the most popular places in the world for weddings on the beach.If you think of the best locations in Asia, many people think of Bali and Thailand, so each year, young people from all over the world come to organize a wedding. Because Thailand is considered the center of Asia which is convenient to travel to other countries in Southeast Asia .After selecting many beach resort and locations in Phuket finally There decided to choose the JW Mariott Merlin beach hotel for the venue.

Wedding in Phuket

JW Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach. 99 Muen Ngern Road, Tri Trang Beach, Patong, Phuket, Thailand,located on Tri Trang Beach, 16 km. from Phuket Town and 3 km from Patong Beach. This resort is perfect for a family stay There are 3 landscape swimming pools and The back area of the hotel has an area next to the long beach with a mountain blocking in the end of the beach which makes general tourists unable to walk in this area. The beach of this hotel is extremely private.

Photographer meeting with couple.

Me and my team of 5 people, consisting of videographers and  photographers come to meet with Brittany Tait & Ben one day before the actual day. To meet and greet, geting to know and understa,nd the wedding program in detail, about rooms for brides and bridesmaids use to getting ready , Hair do and Make Up and room for the groom to dress up with his friends, Also , The area use for performing the ceremony at the 4pm, the hotel has rehearse a realistic wedding ceremony to allow all participants to see and work together to make the program of marriage more complete,the target is “zero” mistake of wedding program. Me and team of photographer have been watching the details and give some suggestions for Brittany Tait & Ben on walking, standing, to make shooting easily and get beautiful photos.

Welcome dinner

After the actual wedding rehearsal, Ben family held a dinner at 7pm at a Thai restaurant near the hotel, where there were 15 close relatives, friends and family of Brittany Tait & Ben. We taking pictures of the great atmosphere in the restaurant during the welcome dinner, the atmosphere was fun with the laughter of guests and relatives who attended the event
The food for tonight is Thai food that has been carefully selected for relatives who traveling far from abroad to taste the authentic Thai food flavored by Thai cooking people.Our work ended at about 10pm, which me and team departed early. In order to return to prepare the photographic equipment to be ready for real wedding shooting on tomorrow, which will start shooting at about 12.00 hrs.

Wedding in Phuket Thailand

August 22 is Brittany Tait & Ben’s BIG day at Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach. My team and I arrived at the dressing room of Brittany and friends at 12.00 to start shooting every detail of the accessories. such as Bridal shoes and friends’ shoes Including bride’s dress Souvenir for wedding Including rings as well, with various angles both videos and photos at the same time, my team and I have recorded various every event that happens in the bride’s dressing room is impressive. Such as when the bride and bridesmaids hair do and make-up, as well as when Brittany and friends sing, dance and have fun activity on this important day of Brittany.

Phuket Wedding Video

During 3pm, I tell Wedding Video team separate to record videos and still images in Ben’s room and friends, who started to dress up at 3pm. The atmosphere in Ben’s dressing room was no different from the bride’s room. This place is full of fun from talking. Teasing each other by Ben and his friends, my team and I have taken pictures all of activities in Ben’s room until we have pictures and videos that tell the full story of there wedding day. Therefore the second photographer and video team separate to take pictures of flowers decorative at wedding venue on the beach. Which was a little shocking that there was a little rain today causing the ceremony yard to be slightly slower than the original schedule. However with the professionalism of wedding planner team from Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach, the venue was arranged in time.


Phuket Wedding Ceremony

4PM is the time of the wedding. Beginning with Ben and friends walking into the ceremony area with 120 attendees clapping to welcome.After that Brittany Tait and his friends walked to the ceremony accompaniment with fun music.The ceremony began with a celebrant for both of them declaring their love and ending with their first kiss. The newly married couple, Brittany Tait & Ben, happily ran from the Walkway to the wedding ground. With the sprinkling of the petals of the guests who attended the event


After the wedding ceremony end around10 minutes, I let the guests walk in to congratulate with the newly married couple. When I saw that everyone was participating in the congratulations to Brittany Tait & Ben, I quickly called everyone to take a big group photo together on hotel lawn area and called close relatives who became familyto take a photo with Brittany Tait & Ben


Rain Fortunately, the rain fell heavily after we finished shooting that everyone has run into the rain shelter around 15 minutes, and I invite Brittany Tait & Ben and friends to have fun taking photos on the beach. Until the end of the day

Wedding Dinner

At 8pm is the dinner time. Everyone goes into the hotel ballroom. Which has 12 tables and a separate table for the bride, groom and friends in the middle.The hilarious beat rises when it’s time for Brittany Tait & Ben and friends to walk into the banquet room tonight. After everyone introduced themselves than following by speech of the groomsman’s there father, every bridesmaid and finally Brittany Tait & Ben followed by cake cutting and first dance at around 10pm.After the first dance was over, everyone came out to join the dance with fun music beats until midnight the party has ended.