Tips for Choosing Wedding Cake

Tips for Choosing Wedding Cake :You’re counting down to your wedding day and everything seems so exciting! Before long, you’ll take down the responsibility of choosing your wedding cake. Then comes a million choices- do you want a traditional cake or go for something contemporary? How many layers, what colors and design would you want?

Here are some tips on how to choose the cake that perfectly encapsulates your Big day  and the consummation of you and your lifelong partner.

1: Venue First, Choosing Wedding Cake

Don’t look at those yummy cake designs until after you’ve chosen the best wedding venue so you can get a good fit. Pick several styles that could match the decor, i.e., a towering Rapunzel cake when you’re holding the event in a castle, or a “happily ever after” design when you’ll be wed at a manor house. The best cake is one that spells out an instant a-ha! moment when a guest sees it. More importantly, consider the environment. Buttercream cakes will melt under the full exposure of sunlight, so it’s better to get fondants if you’re planning an outdoor setting. Ice cream cakes and sculpted ones make for good options while inside air-conditioned venues.

2. Stick To A Budget for Choosing Wedding Cake

The sky may not be the limit, but you’ll be the director of your own wedding cake. Gather all your design ideas beforehand prior to meeting up with the cake maker. Have a snapshot on your smartphone so you can show him or her what you’re looking for. Don’t be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices. Calm down, take a deep breath and go over whether you want a shiny metallic cake, beautiful hand-painted ones or a cake with the colors of the rainbow.

Additional decorations can really drive up the price tag, so keep yourself from falling into temptation and choosing them all! Some brides-to-be go with a personalized topper, flowers or DIY tutorials found online for the finishing touch.

3.To trend or not to trend?

Cake trends are marvelous, but not entirely necessary.As such, don’t place them ahead of design and decorations. You certainly wouldn’t want one that looks like numerous other on-trend cakes on display.Instead, a few stylish elements so your wedding cake will stand out and have a beautiful story to tell.

4. Get Inspiration From Non-Cake Designs

Want to have a memorable cake that everyone will talk about long after the actual wedding has ended? Browse available cake designs, but use them only as a rough canvas for what you really want. Go over the wedding materials and see what pops out. It could be a wall art, frilly fabrics, flowers or even the wedding ring. Good cake artists will find a way to recreate that piece and turn it into something that’s edible, sweet and memorable!

5.Start Cake Tasting and Choosing Wedding Cake

Memorable wedding cakes are pretty to look at and have an amazing taste as well.

Once you have a concept of what you want, call up local cake makers and schedule cake tasting sessions. Make sure they’re spaced at least a day apart, or else you’ll end up with an achy tooth! Cake tasting will usually cost you a couple of dollars per session. You and your soon-to-be spouse will be eating somewhere around 4 to 6 cake samples and discuss specifics such as design, frosting, pricing, etc. Don’t be afraid to try out different flavors and stick to one that fits your wedding theme best.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have an amazing wedding cake you can call your own. Keep in mind that crafting the picture-perfect design takes time, so finalize your decision at least 3-6 months before the big day for the best results.

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